Our Story

Caffe’ Arcidiacono was born of two brothers’ passion for providing a high quality, traditional, yet elegant espresso and gourmet brew blends. Knowing what it takes to make a quality, flavorful, delicious espresso that has the proper crema, they set out to design their own unique espresso blends to satisfy discerning customers with high expectations. Utilizing this expertise these blends lend themselves to smooth brewed coffee blends.

The brothers’ experience in working with traditional Italian roasters led them to formulate their own blend made with the same passion and dedication to excellence. The result is Caffe’ Arcidiacono, (pronounced : Ar-chee-dee-AH-ko-no). 

Espresso does not have to be bitter. A great espresso should contain a whole spectrum of sensations. It should have a smooth introduction, a strong but polite caress of your tongue delivering a variety of flavor notes, and a finish of semi-sweet chocolate which continues to be savored and enjoyed long thereafter.

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