Food Service

We offer several quality blends for our Food Service customers.

Working with each of our customers on the correct brew portions for the coffee they serve to their guests is our forte.  We don't just offer a blend and a service pack size to choose from, we either work with the equipment you have or we can build a program suit your needs for preparing and presenting a quality coffee for your guests.

Our philosophy is simple, whether your serving breakfast lunch or dinner, your coffee sets the tone for the dining experience from the beginning to end. Providing a quality coffee and experience to you and your guests is what sets us apart.

If it’s espresso, we will train your staff (we insist) on proper preparation and presentation. You can have your staff come to class at our training and tasting center or we will train during off hours at your location. Additionally we’ll train the staff on the proper cleaning and maintenance of your equipment providing consistency in quality.

A quality and fine gourmet brewed coffee is required in your establishment; serving substandard, inexpensive coffee is not what we provide. We, like you, desire repeat business, so providing consistent quality coffee is a necessity.

There are very fine restaurants, which provide inexpensive coffee with a quality dining experience, this can ruin the entire experience, after all it’s typically the last item consumed at the end of a wonderful meal. Why? The difference is truly only penny's when it comes down to analyzing your food cost as it relates to your profit margins, so why not provide a complete dining experience with a fine cup of coffee?

Our coffee is roasted weekly and provided to you in quantities that suits your business needs, insuring freshness and the quality your fine establishment is known for and deserving of.

If you truly want to provide consistency in the quality you provide your guests with your fine food, then give us a call at (949.735.5760) or email us at:

Let's set some time aside to review your business needs and together assemble a tasteful quality solution for you and your guests.


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