MPA Event Graphics Introduces Blast Radius, a High-Octane Coffee for Athletes

MPA Event Graphics, in partnership with Caffé Arcidiacono of San Diego, will introduce “Blast Radius”, a new high-caffeine content coffee for endurance athletes at the 2018 USA Triathlon Race Director Summit in Colorado Springs this weekend.

Conference attendees will receive a custom-printed thermal flask and a sample of fresh-roasted Blast Radius beans. In addition, MPA will be serving complimentary fresh-brewed Blast Radius coffee at its conference expo booth.

“This thing just kind of fell into our laps,” said MPA Event Graphics Founder and President Mike Plant.  “I’m a coffee lover, and I wanted to do a giveaway at the conference that had real value — something that related to the lives of the race directors. I spoke to Phil Arcidiacono, whose company roasts high-end espresso and premium coffee blends for the restaurant/café trade, and he was so excited about the idea that the plan for a great-tasting, highly caffeinated coffee for endurance athletes came together in a matter of weeks.

Plant brushed aside clinical studies that suggest caffeine can improve endurance performance.

“We’re not making any claims here,” he said. “I just know how valuable a good strong cup of coffee can be for a race director climbing out of bed on race day after one or two hours sleep. Or for an endurance athlete who would rather feel pumped up and eager for a workout rather than slogging through those first few miles, hoping their body responds.”

The initial plan is to sell Blast Radius solely online through its website: If the introduction is successful, other distribution channels will be explored, including bicycle, running,  triathlon and outdoor specialty stores. New Blast Radius products are likely to appear in the future, including a bottled cold brew and a portable free-dried version.

“That’s all down the road,” Plant said. “We first need to make sure athletes like both the concept and the coffee itself. Working with Phil at Caffé Arcidiacono I know one thing for sure: whatever we do will taste great. And it will pack a punch. Why else would we name it Blast Radius?”

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Based in San Diego, CA Caffe Arcidiacono is a roaster/distributor of high quality, traditional, yet elegant Italian roasts and Espresso blends. All roasts are designed with a purpose of uniqueness, quality and freshness. Caffé Arcidiacono provides high quality blends of espresso and brewed coffee roasts for top quality restaurants in California and online customers throughout the US.

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Phillip Arcidiacono
Phillip Arcidiacono