Ruby "Call for Pricing"

Ruby - Home Machine

  • Completes espresso preparation even if the tank reaches the minimum water level, or if the boiler needs to take on water after making tea or frothing milk.

  • Does not allow espresso preparation if the boiler is not at working temperature.

  • Double protection for the heating element: in addition to the safety thermostat, if the boiler water is not at working level, the machine does not heat up.

  • Built with components used in professional food service models: group, filter holder, solenoids, steam/ water taps.

  • Supplied with 1 cup filter holder and interchangeable two cup filter holder.

  • Available in red or black.

  • 1.5 liter boiler, 3 liter internal water tank, 1500 watt heating element and 48 W ULKA vibration pump.

  • Optional Capsule and ESE Pod adapters available

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