Futurmat Grouptronic "Call for Pricing"


The latest in Espresso machine temperature control and management of quality espresso production.  Over 50 years of equipment design, production and manufacturing the grouptronic is the current top of the line in the preparation process.

A simple yet ground-breaking evolution of the thermo siphon system which has been present in the best espresso equipment for over 50 years, our Grouptronic® technology allows the temperature for each group head to be independently programmed with a precision of +/- 0.2°C.

The end user can subsequently adjust this parameter via the display, changing the brew water temperature to suit the coffee blend being served. A different temperature can be set on each group head, allowing the barista to prepare different blends with different brew water temperatures on the same machine.  18 Liter Boiler 4800WATT heating element. 

Digital Display & Features

Electronically controlled boiler water temperature, adjustable via the display, with an accuracy of ± 0.2ºC.
Digital coffee servings counter.
Digital clock and calendar enable machine stop/start programming.
Energy saving function switches the machine off according to programme instructions.
Back-up memory retains programme details if power supply is disrupted.
Self-diagnostic function of all electronic components (touch pads, probes, volume counters).
Digitised machine performance record.
Water consumption based warning of water filter regeneration or change requirement.
Text and messages in 9 languages.
Digital display can be programmed to include advertising messages.
Security control of the boiler water level.

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